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Aug 2015

Dan Baker talks Velocity Based Training and getting results!

In this episode I'm talking with the man himself Dr Dan Baker about all things power training, velocity based training, coaching, and loads more. 

We talked about Dan's work with the wallabies for their world cup preparation. 
We discussed VBT training in general. 
And of course we covered Dan's upcoming tour of the UK in November. 
If you want to learn about power training from Dan check out where you can book your space on the London, Sheffield or Edinburgh workshops which are running November 27/28/29. 
Jun 2015

5 Ways to Create CHANGE…in yourself, in your athletes, in your business.

This is powerful. 

Dont mess around. 
Listen, reflect and then apply. 
Want more like this and in a structured way taking you to your goals rapidly?
Jun 2015

7.5 Strategies to instantly improve your coaching

In this short podcast Brendan talks through a few strategies to instantly improve your coaching. 

You can certainly take the learnings from this session into your coaching sessions tomorrow. 
If you would like to learn more about the Accelerated development Mentorship Programme you really do need to check out
The programme is changing the game and radically improving peoples coaching, business and lives. 
Join us! 
Jun 2015

Essential equipment for MMA Strength and Conditioning

In this short podcast I share the essential pieces of equipment required to train athletes in MMA and all sports. A question inspired from our mentorship group. 

If you're looking to check out the mentorship programme and learn from the worlds best coaches check out
Mar 2015

Nick Winkelman talks about Coaching, Motivation and more!

Join Brendan Chaplin as he catches up with Nick Winkelman is this truly fantastic and insightful interview.

Nick is presenting at 'The Meeting of the Minds' 5 day conference.  Book your place before its too late!
Mar 2015

Bill Sands talks about blending Science and Coaching and Youth Development

In the episode Brendan Chaplin chats with the accomplished Bill Sands.

Bill has been involved with sports science and in the trenches coaching for over 50 years through gymnastics, enabling him to see athletes develop from your children, right through to seniors.
In his conference presentation Bill will be sharing his unique insights into putting this into practice and applying the science when workin with youth, through the phases of maturation.
Mar 2015

Ron McKeefery talks about breaking into S&C

Brendan Chaplin speaks with Ron McKeefery about his conference presentation and helping people to break in the ever difficult profession of S&C.

Being a great coach in the gym is not enough for a successful career!
Mar 2015

Jim Kielbaso Talks S&C

Brendan chats to Jim about how he first started out, running a facility at Total Performance.

Jim is speaking at out conference about building a Brilliant Strength & Conditioning business.
You can still sign up before the 25th March start date:
Mar 2015

James Clear talks Success

Brendan Chaplin speaks to James Clear about his background, how he got into behavioral psychology, understanding how habits and formed and how that fits into the S&C world.

Mar 2015

Brendan chats to Ben Rosenblatt

Brendan Chaplin catches up with Ben Rosenblatt, S&C coach for GB Hockey women's team.  Ben was a big part of the Intensive rehab unit at Bisham Abbey, tasked with getting the best of GB's Elite athletes back into training.

Ben discusses his coaching and what he will be sharing in his 2015 Online conference Presentation.
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