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Mar 2015

Ian Pyper talks about his work as an S&C Coach and Sports Scientist

Brendan Chaplin talks to Ian Pyper, Lead S&C Coach to British Triathlon, coach to the infamous Brownlee brothers.

Ian chats about the up and coming 2015 Online Conference and his presentation.
Mar 2015

Stuart Yule and all things Rugby S&C

Brendan Chaplin chats to Glasgow Warriors Lead S&C coach, Stuart Yule, who presents at this years 'Meeting of the Minds' 2015 online conference.

Feb 2015

Mladen Jovanovic chats about the 2015 Online Conference

Brendan catches up with Mladen Jovanovic who talks about how busy the last few years have been for him.  Starting his website, Joining the Aspire Academy in Doha in a performance analytic's role and the challenges he is overcoming there, plus what he is excited to be sharing in his 2015 Online Conference presentation.

Feb 2015

Mike Boyle Talks S&C

Brendan talks to the Legendary Mike Boyle Strength Coach.

Mike talks about what he's up to right now, his thoughts on the industry losing sight of simple programming and coaching and what he'll be chatting about in his Conference presentation, plus lots more!
Feb 2015

David Joyce talks High Performance

In this brief episode, Brendan chats with David Joyce about his career and what hes up to right now.

David talks about his experience pulling together the highly acclaimed 'High Performance for Sports' book and also about his excitement on not only speaking at this years 5 day 'Meeting of the Minds' online conference, but on the prospect of learning from the other speakers in the Stellar line up!
Jun 2014

Interview with DAN JOHN

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In this interview Dan and myself discuss Dan's upcoming UK workshop in October, training concepts and philosophies and loads more.

It's always cool chatting with Dan and this workshop is one NOT to be missed.

Check out the workshop details below:

May 2014

Dr Graeme Close talks all things PROTEIN

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In this interview I've got one of the very best in the UK on the line in Dr Graeme Close.

Graeme has recently set up the Masters programme in Nutrition at Liverpool John Moores which is one of the standout courses for people looking to become performance nutritionists.

In addition Graeme consults in elite sport including rugby union, olympic sports and many more.

We discussed protein requirements, myths and misconceptions, coaching, and much more.

Graeme will be delivering his talk at the performance nutrition summit coming up in June, check out the info at the link below:

See you there!


May 2014

Matt Lovell talks Nutrition COACHING…

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Today I have Matt Lovell on the line talking all things nutrition.

Matt is a real force in the UK from a nutrition stand point. Just top quality information in a no nonsense fashion, delivered in a simple, understandable format.

With this in mind I asked Matt to speak at the performance nutrition Summit this year on the subject of nutrition COACHING.

It's actually fairly straight forward to learn lots of cool information about nutrition but it's getting people to make changes that matters.

In this podcast Matt shares his outline on this very subject including a really good overview of the talk he will be delivering at the Summit.

It's something you definitely want to check out.

You can get your tickets for the summit at the link below:

Many thanks,


May 2014

Performance Nutrition Summit: Dr James Morton talks carbs, endurance and adaptations

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In this short podcast interview I have one of the very best nutrition experts in the UK on the line in Dr James Morton.

James is presenting at the nutrition summit on the 14th and 15th June on Carbohydrate Restriction: Practical strategies for enhancing endurance training adaptations.

In this talk James gives us a really solid overview on his talk and his background.

The first of 5 talks this week.

Grab your tickets for the summit for just £97 before the 1st of June.

Mar 2014

Dean Benton added to the International Conference Line-Up

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One of the very best in the world has been added to the conference line-up.

Dean will be speaking about Testing=Training=Testing on Thursday 27th March at 10AM GMT.

In this short interview I spoke with Dean about exactly what he will be covering in his talk and what people watching will take away from it.

Dean is at the top of his game. A great addition to the line-up no doubt.

Get your tickets for the conference at the link below:


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